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Better Spaces
Better Lives


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"A very professional company, all the staff know
what they're talking about from the reps, to the office, to the installer.
While the new Solatubes replaced existing skylights the
difference is remarkable. I keep going to turn off lights that
aren't on! Well worth it. Thanks."


Daylighting and ventilation solutions, naturally.

We’re passionate about the benefits of daylight.
Bring your home to life, improve your mood and create an inviting space – all with Earth’s
greatest natural resource: the sun.

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Opinions by other skylight installers were pessimistic as to whether their product could significantly improve the light in a depressingly dark living area. However, despite our initial misgivings we were delighted by the transformation achieved by the installation of the Solatube 290DS.

LenKarrinyup, March 2017